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The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership Book Review

Book Cover for the 21 Irrefutable Law of Leadership

I recently finished reading The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John Maxwell and here are my big three takeaways - the Law of Process, the Law of Priorities and the Law of Sacrifices.

The Law of Process

This law is all about leveraging consistent actions to growth and development. John is using this law to demonstrate how critical it is to be a lifelong student. Leaders are learning all the time. And, the best way to guarantee that you’re learning is to have a process. Examples include - reading a book every month, attending a conference every year or listening to a podcast regularly. It’s critical to have a learning plan.

The Law of Priorities

This law is all about spending the right amount of time doing the right set of things. To figure out the right things and the right amount of time, leverage Pareto’s Principle. Determine the 20% of your workload that will deliver 80% of your results and leverage the majority of your time towards those activities. And, speaking of activities - “activity is not necessarily accomplishment.”

The Law of Sacrifices

This law is all about the nature of success. Whatever we have achieved in life was only possible because something else was sacrificed. The time, energy and effort that is put into any endeavor are taken from somewhere else. The other fascinating point that John mentions is the “destination disease” that we have to make sacrifices until we get to a point and then we stop. We have to keep sacrificing to stay where we are.

There are plenty more engage laws, principles, anecdotes, and examples in the 21 Laws and I highly recommend reading it.

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