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Are you struggling with an out of control inbox, a broken system for getting work done and a lack of career growth? Follow The Priority Process Blog to learn all you need to get only your important work done without the stress and anxiety that comes with a challenging career.

Hi, I'm Theo Glave


Since college, I have been fascinated with how everyone got work done. I was always trying to learn the secret of what exactly made the successful students successful. I took the same approach when I got into Corporate America. The secret I found was that successful people were always working on important things.


As an Engineer, I needed to figure out the possibilities using that one simple principle. I quickly discovered that while the principle was simple, we have so many inputs in our daily lives that make it difficult for us to clearly see what is important.


So, after many years of trial and error, iterating different ideas and learning from some of the smartest people I know, I developed the Priority Process blog – a system, community, and environment that focuses on the important things.


The Priority Process helps early career professionals to navigate corporate culture. You will receive tools to tackle career development, priority management, and email efficiency. Young professionals will also find guidance for career growth and advancement. 


Our passion is making sure that only the important things get done!

– Theo, Founder of the Priority Process

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