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Do you feel overwhelmed before your workday even begins?  

  • Do you start with projects that need to get done? 

  • What about requests from your manager? 

  • Should you check emails first thing or later on, maybe just leave it open in case something important pops up? 


We were never taught HOW to get work done, just WHAT we need to get done. This is unacceptable, because we feel most accomplished, not when any work gets done but when the right work gets done, when we get our PRIORITIES done.

Are you ready to change how you work

Outside of the free resources I offer, I provide a course that teaches ONE simple process to manage all your priorities.


You'll learn a concise, yet powerful system that will allow you to focus on your most ambitious results while limiting distractions and busy-work. 

Course Details - $50


This course includes -

  • Three comprehensive modules with coursework

  • Guided workbook for assessing current state and providing weekly assessments 

  • Templates to execute step by step workflow setup 

Module 1 - Inputs 

This lesson lays the foundation for accomplishing focused, intentional work. It is the basis that will allow you to clearly identify and pursue Priorities, as opposed to busy-work. You'll gain a deeper understanding of your Job Demands, Manager Expectations, and Company Goals and Objectives.

Module 2 - Email Management 

This lesson addresses one of the greatest threats to focused, productive work - Emails. It’s hard to focus and get important work done when emails are constantly distracting us. You'll learn an email strategy to optimize your inbox workflow so you can extract critical tasks quickly. You'll also learn how to limit the distractions created by constant notifications. 

Module 3 - Priority Management 

This lesson is where all the components come together. You'll learn how to leverage the inputs to your workflow, as well as an optimized email strategy, to ensure that you're only working on Priorities. This is an end-to-end approach that solicits Feedback into your work and leverages regular touchpoints with management to keep your work focused and on track. 

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