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Does this sound like your typical day? 

  • Never-ending email 

  • Constant requests from your customers or manager

  • Objectives that you can't ever seem to find the time to get to


We feel most accomplished, not when any work gets done but when the right work gets done, when we get our PRIORITIES done.

Are you ready to change how you get work done? 

Outside of all the free resources I offer, I teach ONE simple process to manage all your priorities.


You'll learn a concise, yet powerful system over 4 weeks that will allow you to focus on your most ambitious results while limiting distractions and busy-work.  Here's how I can help. 

Priority management teaches you how to get your most important work done all the time. It teaches how to always be productive, allowing you to gain a greater sense of control, efficiency, and focus.

Managing your email can feel like you're drinking from a fire hose! Focusing on the organization of your inbox, email processing protocols and distraction limiting strategies drives effective, intentional workflow. 

4 Week Program - $200

This package offers 4 one-hour sessions (+ complimentary first meet) that cover the following -

  • Review of client's current state to create a tailored approach

  • Examination of inputs that go into priorities including job roles, management expectations, and departmental objectives

  • Email strategy to determine processing frequency, cadence, and organization 

  • Priority processing system that allows client to work on ONE priority at a time, with a focus on expectation management, daily and strategic priority organization 

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